This 12 week course includes; 8 face to face tuition days at the club with our highly qualified and experienced teachers, indepth course manual, unlimited gym use at Bodytech for the duration of the course, and an Active IQ Level 3 certificate in Personal Training on completion of the course, which will enable our students to become a fully qualified Personal Trainers capable of earning anything in the region of £25 - £100 an hour.

Normal Course structure:

Week 1 - 3 lecture days at the education centre 

Week 2 - Home study 

Week 3 - 3 Lecture days at the education centre and theory exams

Week 4 - 8 - Personal training Case study with Client carried out in gym of choice

Week 8 - Case study mid point review session at education centre  (1 hour per student)

Week 8 - 12 - Second half of case study with client 

Week 12 final day - Case study hand in and Practical exam at education centre

Course cost: £1,200 (deposit £300)